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The production process for medical vials?

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  This is an article about The production process for medical vials. If you are interested, please contact us!

First, the main raw materials of medical vials are natural ore, quartz stone, caustic soda, limestone and the like. Medical vials are highly transparent and resistant to corrosion, and do not change in material properties when in contact with most chemicals. The manufacturing process is simple, the shape is free and changeable, the hardness is large, heat-resistant, clean, easy to clean, and has the characteristics of being reusable. It is very versatile. However, medical vials also have its shortcomings, such as heavy weight, high transportation and storage costs, and resistance to impact.

The production process of medical vials must first design and manufacture molds. The glass raw materials are made of quartz sand as the main raw material, and other auxiliary materials are dissolved into liquid state at high temperature, and then injected into the mold, cooled, cut, and tempered to form a medicinal product. Glass bottle. Medical vials generally have a rigid logo, and the logo is also made of a mold shape. The molding of medical vials can be divided into three types: manual blowing, mechanical blowing and extrusion. Medical vials can be divided into the following according to the composition: one is soda glass, the other is lead glass, and the other is boron bismuth glass.

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