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20ml GC analysis headspace vials /manufacturers wholesale / picture / price

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 This is an article about 20ml GC analysis headspace vials /manufacturers wholesale / picture / price . If you are interested, please contact us!

ND20 20ml GC analysis headspace vials


According to different materials, 20ml GC analysis headspace vials can be divided into two types, one is domestic borosilicate and the other is imported first-grade hydrolyzed glass to meet different levels of customer demand.


The optional capacity is 10ml 20ml, the specifications are: 22.5*46mm, 22.5*75.5mm, providing headspace vials in both colorless and brown colors.


The 20ml GC analysis headspace vials series strictly controls the HPLC vials mouth to improve the sealing performance. The precision molding bottleneck improves the processing capacity of the autosampler. The standard GC and HPLC vials can be used for autosampler and sample storage. The flat bottom vials is suitable for the flat bottom vials. When the instrument is running, moving down, the contact area of ​​the flat vial and the liner is large, and the seal is tighter.

20ml GC vials

The 20mm septum uses only the highest quality materials to ensure proper function, especially for gas chromatograph applications, ensuring that the septum does not fall into the vial during the injection process. These septa are made of PTFE/silica gel blends, which are excellently inert and can be injected multiple times. The 20mm septum is made of PTFE/silica gel. It has excellent inertness and multiple injection characteristics. The thickness is 3mm and the PTFE is about 0.08mm.


The caps of 20ml GC analysis headspace vials are made of metal aluminum, combining innovation and time-saving convenience, precise manufacturing tolerances, and a controlled manufacturing environment. This patented bottle cap combines the septum and cap at the molecular level to avoid excessive evaporation and maintain proper sealing of the vial.

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