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Three important factors in the use of gas chromatography

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 This is an article about Three important factors in the use of gas chromatography. If you are interested, please contact us!

Gas chromatograph means that after the sample is vaporized in the inlet, the carrier gas is carried into the column, and the components are separated by a column with different retention properties for the components to be detected, and the components are sequentially introduced into the detector. To obtain an instrument for detecting signals of each component.

In addition to the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the sample, the gas chromatograph 2ml gas chromatography vialscan also determine the physicochemical constants such as partition coefficient, activity coefficient, molecular weight and specific surface area of ??the sample on the stationary phase.

Gas chromatographs should pay attention to three important aspects in their use:

(1) Gas chromatograph gas purity factor: The purity requirement of gas chromatograph using gas source must be above 99.99%, but many operators do not pay enough attention to the different gas source purity requirements of different gas chromatograph detectors. In use, it is possible that the gas chromatograph 2ml gas chromatography vialsdetector detects baseline and high limit instability due to insufficient purity of the gas source. For example, when using 98% purity hydrogen as the gas source of the gas chromatograph detector, when the detector is used in the 104MΩ sensitivity range, the baseline of the detector may be seriously unstable due to insufficient hydrogen purity. Show endless peaks. The low purity of the carrier gas will affect the service life of the capillary column when it contains trace oxygen.

(2) Factors for selecting the gas flow ratio of the gas chromatograph: When the sample is analyzed by the gas chromatograph FID hydrogen flame ion detector, the N2-H2-Air flame needs to be ignited and converted into an oxygen-rich flame, that is, the air should be excessive. In order to ensure complete combustion of hydrogen, the ratio of the three gases is Air: H2 = (6 ~ 8): 1, N2: H2 = 1: (0.85 ~ 1) or the amount of air should be larger. The high stability and sensitivity of the detector under these conditions ensures that the quantitative correction factor is reliable.

(3) Factors of environmental conditions: The requirements of the gas chromatograph for the temperature environment are not special. Generally, the operating requirements can be met at room temperature of 5 to 35 ° C, and the humidity environment is generally required to be 20% to 85%. In high humidity areas, when using certain types of gas chromatographs, the insulation performance of the instrument will be degraded due to high ambient humidity, and the response value will decrease if the operating sensitivity is high. The staff member should take the necessary measures when encountering the above phenomenon when using the instrument.2ml gas chromatography vials

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