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Method for preventing gas chromatograph detector.

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To prevent contamination of the gas chromatograph detector, 11mm headspace vials the detector temperature setting should not be lower than the maximum temperature at which the column is actually operated. Once the gas chromatograph detector is contaminated, the sensitivity is significantly reduced or the noise is increased and the dots are not ignited. The way to eliminate pollution is to clean, mainly to clean the nozzle surface and the gas pipe. The specific method is to disassemble the F nozzle, sequentially soak the solvents of different polarities (such as acetone, chloroform and ethanol), and ultrasonically soak for 10 minutes. It is also possible to use fine stainless steel through the hole in the middle of the nozzle or to thoroughly clean the oil in the burner with an alcohol lamp. Sometimes it takes a long time for carbon to deposit on the surface of the nozzle (a layer of black deposits), which also affects sensitivity. Gently sand the surface with a fine sandpaper to remove it. After washing, the nozzle is dried and placed on a gas chromatograph detector for measurement.11mm headspace vials

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