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Gas chromatograph injection system explanation.

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The gas chromatograph injection system consists of an injector and a vaporization chamber. Its function is to introduce a sample and evaporate the sample instantaneously.1.5ml clear crimp glass vials A gas sample can be injected with a six-way valve. The injection volume is controlled by a quantitative tube and can be replaced as needed. The reproducibility of the injection volume can reach 0.5%. Liquid samples can be injected with microinjectors with poor repeatability. When using, please note that the injection volume matches the selected syringe. It is best to have the largest syringe capacity. Gas Chromatograph Autosamplers are commonly used in industrial process chromatography and routine analysis of large numbers of samples with good repeatability. In a gas chromatograph capillary column, because of the small sample volume of the capillary column, a split injector is typically used and the injection volume is relatively large. 1.5ml clear crimp glass vials Only a small portion of the sample is vaporized and carried into the column by the carrier gas, and most of the sample is discharged. The function of the gas chromatograph evaporation chamber is to instantaneously heat the liquid sample into steam, which is then carried into the column by the carrier gas.

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