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Constant temperature average temperature circuit for gas chromatograph

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This is an article about Constant temperature average temperature circuit for gas chromatograph. If you are interested, please contact us!

Since the gas chromatograph TCD Gc autosampler vials detection bridge participates in the control as an equivalent resistance in the entire circuit, showing the average resistance of the hot wire, the circuit is called the constant hot wire average temperature. Gas chromatograph resistors should be high-power, high-precision resistors, where the resistance is the average temperature reference resistance of the hot wire, which is more stringent. When the large bridge of the gas chromatograph is in equilibrium, the small bridge is also in equilibrium, and the output signals at both ends are also zero. When the sample gas passes through the measuring hot wire, a signal output is generated at both ends, which can be used as a measurement signal.
In the constant temperature average temperature circuit of the gas chromatograph, since the hot wire participates in the control with the average resistance, the power supply is controlled by the bridge, so that the current passing through the heat does not change too much, Gc autosampler vials so the hot wire is well protected. effect.

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