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Gas chromatograph noise filtering

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Gas chromatograph noise filtering mainly refers to filtering high frequency noise in the spectrum. Peak identification distinguishes the true signal peak from the same-frequency noise from the curve change corresponding to the peak width level, excluding the pseudo-peak.screw headspace vials  The gas chromatograph baseline correction is to correct the effects of low frequency noise such as baseline drift and distortion.
Gas chromatograph chromatographic sampling data is not simply the desired material response signal, it also superimposes the noise generated by the entire analysis system. The high-frequency noise mainly belongs to the electrical noise in the sampling, transformation and other devices, and appears as a "burr" on the spectrum curve on the graph. The first step in processing the gas chromatograph spectrum data is to remove the high frequency noise in the data and improve the signal to noise ratio, which lays a good foundation for the subsequent data processing. According to the difference between signal and noise, the digital signal is smoothed by the program, which is called software filtrate.screw headspace vials
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Gas chromatograph noise filtering
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