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Correction of baseline in gas chromatograph chromatogram

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The baseline in the chromatograph of the gas chromatograph(crimp HPLC vials ) is the background signal of the system without the sample being analyzed. When calculating the peak size, the background background of the instrument system needs to be deducted, that is, the area below the baseline needs to be deducted to obtain the net size of the peak, because the content of the substance to be tested only corresponds to the net intensity of the peak. The baseline in the gas chromatograph spectrum tends to be offset or distorted. When the peak overlap occurs in succession, the baseline “disappears” will also appear in the spectrum. Therefore, there is a need for a method for determining the baseline of a spectrum, called baseline correction. The strength required is that the determination of the baseline of the gas chromatograph is directly related to the calculation of the peak size, affecting the results of the quantitative analysis.crimp HPLC vials

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