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How to choose sample vials cap?

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  This is an article about How to choose sample vials cap. If you are interested, please contact us!

There are three types of caps for the vial: the crimp cap, the snap cap, and the screw cap. Each cap has its own advantages.

                                     The crimp cap                                     

                                                                     The snap cap                                                                         
Cap seal note
The crimp cap Excellent sealing effect Requires tools
The snap cap is medium-fast and requires no tools. The cap sometimes ruptures.
The screw cap excellent effect

The crimp cap 
Squeeze the septum between the edge of the glass vials and the flanged aluminum cap. The sealing effect is very good and can effectively prevent the sample from evaporating. When the syringe of the autosampler is pierced, the position of the septum remains the same. Sealing the jaw cap vial requires the use of a capper. For a small number of samples, a manual crimper is the best choice. For a large number of samples, an automatic capper can be used.

The screw cap
It is universal. Tightening the cap will apply a mechanical force to squeeze the septum between the edge of the glass and the aluminum caps. During the piercing sampling process, the screw cap has an excellent sealing effect and mechanically resists the septum. No tools are required for assembly.

The snap cap

It is an extension of the sealing method of the jaw cover. A plastic cover over the edge of the vial bottle forms a seal by pressing the septum between the glass and the stretched plastic cover. The tension of the plastic cover is due to its attempt to restore its original size. This tension creates a seal between the glass, the cap and the septum. The plastic bayonet cover can be covered without any tools.

The sealing effect of the bayonet cover is not as good as the other two sealing methods.

■ If the fit of the cap is very tight, the cap is difficult to cover and may break.
■ If it is too loose, the sealing effect will be poor and the septum may leave the original position.

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