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How to make a proud sampler vials?

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  This is an article about How to make a proud sampler vials? If you are interested, please contact us!

The sampler vials is used in every analytical laboratory, and all the experiments must be required for the sampler vials.

1. Pure blood, so-called "blue blood"

Not all of the sampler  vials are in the eye. From the famous door, Agilent, waters, Shimadzu, that is naturally the best. Must also support the national industry, there are many useful but not expensive brands in China, please look for your mother.

2. Good quality

The quality that a good sampler  vials must have is: specific size, cleanliness, and vials adsorption needs to meet certification requirements.

Generally meet the above 2 points, you can call it a qualified injection vials.

However, in today's society that looks at the face, the natural high value does not mean a lifetime high value, and the later maintenance is also a big blood. Look at the money that women spend on cosmetics every year. It is said that the powder on the faces of women in the major CBD areas is scraped off, and one hope primary school can be built a year.

How to make a talented injection vials keep her noble? There are two ways to do this:

Throw when you run out

Disposable plastic material, the price is so cheap that you are embarrassed not to throw. But in today’s era of promoting green and environmental protection, there are still some anti-trends...

Of course, you can also have money to be willful, tossing expensive throws.
2. Recycling

This is the current state of 90% of laboratories today.

In this way, how to wash such a small sample vials, who wash, how to wash, how long to wash, has become a problem in front of each experiment.

Let's wash ourselves? Of course it is good, but that is not a good job, no one is willing to waste a limited life on the unlimited vials washing business!

Hire people to wash? It’s not bad, but how far can you go in today’s era of high labor costs?

Then, the era of machine washing is definitely the trend of the laboratory in the future.

Come and come, then let's take a look at the quality of the vials washer that helps us solve these worries:

Can wash clean

l Must have enough water, 8-425 sampler vials no pressure, the vials can fly to the sky!

l For different characteristics and cleaning of features in different industries, different application methods are required.

l Washed vials must withstand conductivity, TOC detection

2. To wash more

l Use hundreds of vials every day, preferably one-time wash

3. Wash fast

l It’s good to wash, but every time you wash it is too long, you can’t stand it.

l Power is high, heating speed is fast

4. To be able to wash 8-425 sampler vials

l Subsequent maintenance costs are low and parts costs are low

l use less cleaning agent

This is the end of the introduction of How to make a proud sampler vials?I hope it can help you.


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