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How to clean the chromatography vials .

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  This is an article about How to clean the chromatography vials . If you are interested, please contact us!

15-425 chromatography vials  is a container for instrumental analysis of the substance to be analyzed, and its cleanliness directly affects the analysis result. This article summarizes the various methods of cleaning chromatographic injection vials, with the aim of providing a meaningful reference. These methods have been verified by friends and predecessors, and have good washing effect on the fat-soluble residue and organic reagent residue in the chromatographic sample bottle. The cleanliness meets the requirements, the cleaning step is simple, and the cleaning time is reduced, and the cleaning process is more environmentally friendly. .

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8ml chromatography vials

At present, with the increasing attention to food quality and safety, chromatographic analysis technology is increasingly used in food quality and safety testing, especially in the field of agricultural product testing, chromatographic analysis technology has been widely used. In China, a large number of agricultural products (other chemical products, organic acids, etc.) are detected every year through liquid chromatography and gas chromatography. Due to the large number of samples, a large number of injection bottles need to be cleaned during the testing process, which not only wastes time, but also reduces work efficiency, and sometimes there is a case where the experimental results are deviated due to the cleanliness of the cleaned sample vials.
Chromatographic injection bottles are based on glass and are rarely made of plastic. Single-use injection bottles are costly, wasteful, and pollute the environment. Most laboratories use the sample bottles for cleaning and reuse. At present, the main methods used in the laboratory to clean the sample bottles are to add washing powder, detergent, organic solvent and acid and alkali lotion, and then brush with a custom small tube. This conventional brushing method has many 15-425 chromatography vials

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