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Gas chromatography column selection

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Column gc columnTemperature and Temperature Control Program A column in a gas chromatograph gas chromatograph that has been disassembled to show the internal capillary column is placed in an oven that is precisely controlled by electronic circuitry. (When the analyst says "column temperature", he actually refers to the temperature of the incubator. However, this difference is not important, so there is no distinction between the two below.) The rate and temperature of the sample passing through the column. Positive correlation. The higher the column temperature, the faster the sample passes through the column. However, the faster the sample passes through the column, the less interaction it has with the stationary phase, and the worse the separation.

In general, the choice of column temperature is the result of a combination of separation time and resolution. The method in which the column temperature is constant throughout the analysis is called a constant temperature method. However, in most analytical methods, the column temperature gradually increases as the analysis progresses. At the initial temperature, the heating rate (temperature "slope") and the final temperature are collectively referred to as the temperature control program. The temperature control program allows for adequate separation of the analyte being eluted earlier, while reducing the time that the analyte being eluted later passes through the column.
gc column

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