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Centrifugal Tube

  • These disposable conical-bottom and freestanding tubes feature easy-to-read graduations and smooth inner walls for easy filling and sample preparation. Rack-packed tubes are packaged in freezable, recyclable, autoclavable racks, and stackable rack designs make them ideal for benchtop organization. Caps are available in either flat or plug styles. Certain models are designed to provide protection for light-sensitive samples, manufactured from a dark polypropylene. These high-quality, high-performing centrifuge tubes are ideal for maintaining a secure seal when using shakers and horizontal incubators.

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Products Features+

The centrifugal tube is made of transparent polymeric material polypropylene (PP), which is widely used in molecular 
biology, clinical chemistry and biochemistry.

Technical Information+

1.manufactured with highest grade of raw material fulfilling requirements of USP Class VI
2.white writing circle, affixed on the screw cap, for easy labeling with any writing instrument
3.caps that cannot be over-tightened
4.gas and aerosol tight cap
5.graduations all the way down to 0.1 ml / 0.5 ml respectively
6.convenient racks available that are autoclavable and are collapsible for storage when not in use
7. centrifuge tubes are manufactured on automatic transport units. This guarantees that the products are carefully moved to the next work station within the manufacturing line quick and without unnecessary contamination risk.
8.Sub-operations such as printing, on-screwing of closure caps or tests for tightness are then performed in clean-room conditions. 

Process Flow Diagram+

  • STEP 01

    The workers clean the tubing with cloth

  • STEP 02

    The workers plug the tubing into machine for making vials

  • STEP 03

    The vials are transferred to QC for Physical Test

  • STEP 04

    The workers put the tested vials into one big package (500-800pcs/pack)

  • STEP 05

    The workers get the vials from big package and put the vials into one special tray.

  • STEP 06

    Put the tray with vials into the Water injection machine

  • STEP 07

    The vials in tray will be transferred to next step for Ultrasonic oscillations.

  • STEP 08

    The vials in tray will be transferred to Jilt water machine.

  • STEP 09

    The vials in tray will be transferred to Infrared drying case.

  • STEP 10

    The workers will collect the vials after vials are dry.

  • STEP 07

    The vials in tray will be transferred to next step for Ultrasonic oscillations.

  • STEP 11

    The workers will check all the vials inclouding the bottom neck ,bottom ,inerts.

  • STEP 12

    The workers will pack 100pieces vials into one package.

  • STEP 13

    The workers will send the package to sealing machine for packing.


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