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How mcuh solution is appropriate for autosampler vials?

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This is an article about How mcuh solution is appropriate for autosampler vials. If you are interested, please contact us!

The amount of sample in the autosampler vials depends on what analysis you make. If it is headspace analysis, the upper limit of sample volume is 80% of autosampler vials volume, so that there is enough headspace volume for sampling. Usually 50% of the autosampler vials volume is the sample volume. If the liquid is put into the sample, there is no strict requirement. For example, LZ sample quantity is very small. The insertion depth of the autosampler instruments is adjustable, and is generally set to a value by default. If you lower the value network, the sampler will go down.

Or use the inner tube as shown above. Take ACE ultrasonic cleaning first, wait for air drying in the potassium permanganate persulphate lotion. But the lotion is hard to get in and it's not safe. There's also an EPA method that USES ultrasound to dry it and then take it to the muffle for three or four hours at 450 degrees, but it's easier to break the bottle.

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