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How to maintain the chromatography (HPLC) after using?

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    This is an article about How to maintain the chromatography (HPLC) after using. If you are interested, please contact us!

Regardless of whether it is a domestic or imported HPLC chromatography, we must do related maintenance work in daily work. If the HPLC instrument is well maintained, it can improve the integrity and utilization rate of the HPLC instrument, and reduce the maintenance cost of the HPLC instrument during the life cycle. Other abnormal expenses can reduce the cost of using the HPLC instrument to a certain extent and prolong the life of the device.


When not in use frequently, not only do you have to do regular cleaning work, but also add regular liquids to the HPLC instrument. For example, a liquid such as methanol should be sealed. When it is used again, it needs to be rinsed with water for several minutes, and then connected to the detector to prevent the sealed liquid from flowing into the flow cell. When the HPLC chromatography is reinstalled, you can remove a little tube slightly, then fill and fix it with the same type, then install the filter, tighten the HPLC instrument's joint, and close the screw at both ends.


There are many different types, different analysis objects, different mobile phases, separation columns and operating wavelengths should be used to avoid unnecessary problems. In the process of using the HPLC instrument, when injecting multiple times, it is necessary to pay attention to the injection of a large concentration of the measurement object or the measurement object with a relatively large viscosity, which is very likely to contaminate the valve body. Therefore, after use, it must be carefully cleaned to keep the valve body clean. If the valve body is seriously polluted or clogged with foreign matter, the valve body must be disassembled, the relevant parts must be taken out and put into the alcohol solution for cleaning, and then ultrasonically cleaned, then the through hole is rinsed with clean gas, and then dried. , recombination is complete. In summary, it is only possible to provide us with greater convenience by maintaining the maintenance and maintenance work of the HPLC chromatography during use.

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