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How to Choose the Autosampler Vials for Chromatography Applications ?

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 This is an article about How to Choose the Autosampler Vials for Chromatography Applications. If you are interested, please contact us!

 1,Which cap seals is better?
Sealing capabilities in order of best to worst
1. Crimp Caps (Long Term)
2. Screw Thread (Long Term)
3. Polyethylene Snap Caps (72 hour storage)
4. Polyethylene Snap Plugs (Single Use)
2,Why choose crimp cap vials?
Crimp caps provide the tigh test seal,reducing the chance of sample evaporation.the 11.6*32mm crimp vials and 11mm aluminium crimp caps are economical and easy touse with vials crimping tools.
3,Why choose sanp/crimp cap vials?
11mm snap caps provide a secure seal that minimises evaporation even with volatile samples,Snap caps are often more convenient than crimp caps,as they can easily be applied and removed by hand.An audible click ensures a secure seal has been formed and that the cap is correctly aligned.Snap/crimp vials can be closed with either snap caps or crimp caps
4,Why choose Micro-Inserts?
Micro-Inserts are economical solution in sample analysis to reduce the use and waste of solvents and small samples.For optimum instument performance and accurate test results,use the guides below to ensure that the correct insert is used with the appropriate autosampler vials.

This is How to Choose the Autosampler Vials for Chromatography Applications. I hope it can help you!


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