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20ml screw headspace vials /factory wholesale / picture / price

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This is an article about 1.5ml snap vials and matching cover pad combination HPLC/ factory wholesale / picture / price. If you are interested, please contact us!

20ml screw headspace vials


20ml screw headspace vials for threaded vials (10ml+20ml) and magnetic threaded caps for CTC and TriPlus autosamplers for easy access without any additional tools such as cappers and decappers, samples on site It can be removed without the need to remove samples in the laboratory. The precise thread ensures the airtightness between the bottle and the cover. The magnetic screw cap can be widely used in various SPME and headspace analysis. Round bottom vials are stronger, have higher pressure tolerance when the vials are heated, and are easier to slide into the heating holes.

20ml screw headspace vials

20ml screw headspace vials with a septum 18mm cap is used as a vial, and 20ml screw headspace vials with a diffuser cap is used as a wash bottle. These vials can also be used as storage bottles. Precision machined threads for consistent sealing. It fits perfectly with the matching 18mm magnetic metal screw cap and PTFE/silicone septum. The 20ml screw headspace vials has a diameter of 18mm, a 10ml specification of 22.5*46mm, and a 20ml specification of 22.5*75.5mm.


The 18mm septum uses only the highest quality materials to ensure proper function, especially for gas chromatograph applications, ensuring that the septum does not fall into the vial during the injection process. These septa are made of PTFE/silica gel fusion, they are made of TFE/silica gel fusion, have excellent inertness and can be injected multiple times, and the septum has a thickness of 1.5mm.


The caps of 20ml screw headspace vials combine innovation and time-saving convenience with precise manufacturing tolerances and a controlled manufacturing environment. This patented bottle cap combines the septum and cap at the molecular level to avoid excessive evaporation and maintain proper sealing of the vial.

This is the end of the introduction of 1.5ml snap vials and matching cover pad combination HPLC/ factory wholesale / picture / price. I hope it can help you.


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