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20ml~60ml storage vials /factory wholesale / picture / price

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This is an article about 20ml~60ml storage vials /factory wholesale / picture / price . If you are interested, please contact us!

24-400 storage vials


The 22mm clear screw storage vials are made of domestic first-grade hydrolyzed glass as the raw material. The optional capacity is 20ml 30ml 40ml 60ml, the specifications are: 27.5*57mm, 27.5*75mm, 27.5*95mm, 27.5*140mm.


The storage vials has excellent chemical stability, and is available in both colorless and brown, excellent sealing and corrosion resistance. The cover has a solid cover and a perforated cover, which can be divided into black and white. All products in this series are designed and manufactured in accordance with US EPA requirements.

20-40ml storage vials

The 22mm septum uses only the highest quality materials to ensure proper functioning, ensuring that the septum does not fall into the vial during storage. These septa are made of PTFE/silica gel blends, which are excellently inert and can be injected multiple times. The 22mm septum is made of PTFE/silica gel with a thickness of 3mm and a PTFE thickness of 0.08mm. It is suitable for open caps. 1.5mm PTFE/silica septa are generally used for solid plastic caps.


The storage series' caps are made from the main quality polypropylene, combining innovation with time and convenience. This patented, chemically inert cap is a true combination of the septum and the plastic lid at the molecular level to avoid excessive evaporation and maintain proper sealing of the vial.

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