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2ml 9mm wide opening short screw vials/china manufacturer/bottom price

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 This is an article about 2ml 9mm wide opening short screw vials/china manufacturer/bottom price  . If you are interested, please contact us!


According to different materials,2ml wide opening short screw vials can be divided into two types, one is domestic borosilicate and the other is imported first-grade hydrolyzed glass to meet different levels of customer demand. The specification is 12*32mm.

The series is 40% larger than the standard small-bore bottle opening. The unique thread design ensures consistent sealing. The bottleneck is processed accurately, which is convenient for the processing of the robot arm. Strict quality guarantees the uniformity of the dimensions between the batch and the batch. The flat bottom guarantees compatibility with the inner cannula, and the ceramic writing board is easy to mark.

The 2ml wide opening short screw vials is used for autosamplers with rotating discs or robotic sample trays. Blue open caps, solid caps and various septa are available for different applications.

2ml 9mm wide opening short screw vials

The 9mm septum uses only high-quality materials to ensure proper function, and can be pre-slotted for needle penetration, especially for liquid chromatograph applications, ensuring that the septum does not fall into the sample during the injection process. In the bottle. These septa are made of PTFE/silica gel blends, which are excellently inert and can be injected multiple times. The septum has a thickness of 1.0 mm and a PTFE of about 0.1 mm.

Blue high quality polypropylene caps combine innovation with time and convenience. This patented, chemically inert cap is a true combination of the septum and the plastic lid at the molecular level to avoid excessive evaporation and maintain proper sealing of the vial. The cap can be used and the septum can be replaced if needed. Choose from a variety of color gaskets to meet different needs.

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