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What should be noted when glass bottles are at low temperature?

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Most of the glass jars at 4 temperatures remain intact. At room temperature, short-term storage test samples do not need any special precautions, can be stored at low temperature to - 80 in glass glass bottless containing organic solvent. However, use a glass bottles cap made from polypropylene. Because of the material under the condition of the temperature is lower than 0 , will become more and more brittle. Here are some of the principles of glass bottles freezing:


Storage glass bottles

Storage glass bottles

When using it as a storage glass bottles, the most important thing is to avoid direct sunlight. It is best to store and defrost it on a plastic glass bottles shelf.


Many liquids, especially when there is a lot of water in the sample, exert considerable pressure on the closed container during thawing and may cause it to break. Therefore, when storing liquid samples at low temperatures, the samples cannot be filled to the entire container.


It is not recommended to use clamps at very low temperatures. Glass glass bottless used at low temperatures should have a large internal volume and a small opening. Such as 8-425 threaded glass bottles and clear clamping sample glass bottles. Large open glass bottless with good results should be used. However, operational considerations must be followed to open the cover with a closed lid or adhesive diaphragm.


When the glass glass bottles is stored at low temperature for a long time, it is recommended to press the sealing or top up the screw cap.


Defrosting freezer


Frozen glass bottles must be treated with extreme care. In general, a glass can crack (especially a brown glass bottles) when exposed to a temperature change. So please don't put the cold glass bottles in a warm place and avoid collision. Placing a glass bottles on top of a metal object also increases the likelihood of damage.


Note that the temperature of the glass bottles will gradually approach the temperature of the external environment. In addition, it is best not to touch or hit the glass bottles when the internal temperature is not the same as the external temperature.


Warm up freezer


Glass glass bottles should be allowed to warm up gradually, and warm glass glass bottless should avoid sharp changes in temperature. It is not recommended to use water baths, hot water tanks, ovens or other high temperature heat sources to warm glass glass bottless. It is most reasonable to defrost glass glass bottless at room temperature slowly through heat conduction. Temperature below 20 to glass glass bottles should be put into the refrigerator of 4 and 0 . This will reduce the possibility of damage to the glass glass bottles.


PTFE/ silicone rubber spacer



Used to cut off temperature below 40 - items. When the temperature dropped to - 80 , PTFE/silicone rubber isolation cushion still maintain good sealing, but it is important to note that don't tighten the cap. The glass bottles cap should be tightened without obvious deformation of the spacer. Please note that we publish PTFE/silicone rubber insulation pad temperature range is more than 40 . This range refers to the temperature at which water solidifies without damaging the glass bottles.

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