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How to clean the gas chromatograph vials ?

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 This is an article about How to clean the gas chromatograph vials. If you are interested, please contact us!

1. Drain the test solution in the gas chromatograph vials

2, all immersed in 95% alcohol, ultrasonic washing 2 times, then dry, because the alcohol easily enters the 1.5mL vial, and can be compatible with most organic solvents to achieve cleaning effect.

3. Pour into clean water and wash twice with ultrasound.

4. Drain the inner washing solution and bake it at 110 ° C for 1~2 hours. Never bake at high temperature.

5. Cool and save.

Option II:

1, wash the tap water several times

2, placed in a beaker with pure water, ultrasonic for 15 minutes

3, change the water, then ultrasound for 15 minutes

4. Soak in a beaker with absolute ethanol

5, finally take out the natural air dry.
third solution:

1. Soak with methanol (chromatographically pure) and ultrasonically clean for 20 minutes, then drain the methanol.

2. Fill the injection gas chromatograph vials with water, ultrasonically clean for 20 minutes, then drain the water.

3. After the sample gas chromatograph vials is dried

Option 4:

(The first type), usually first rinsed with water and then soaked with potassium dichromate wash solution

(Second), the washing method of the injection  gas chromatograph vials is the same as the other in the liquid phase. First, the medical alcohol is used to inflate for more than 4 hours, then ultrasonic for half an hour, then the medical alcohol is poured out, and half of the water is ultrasonicated. Hours, rinse with water and dry.

Option 5:

1, if the cost is sufficient, each time with the new best

2. If it is to be reused, the cleaning method is also very important. First, soak it with strong oxidizing cleaning solution (potassium dichromate) for 24 hours, then wash it with deionized water three times under ultrasonic conditions, and finally wash it with methanol once and dry. Ready to use,

3, the  gas chromatograph vials mat must be replaced with new, especially when analyzing pesticide residues, must be changed, otherwise it will affect the quantitative results. But if conditions permit, try to use disposable consumables, such as using one-off poly The inner tube of tetrafluoroethylene or the domestic plastic inner tube (about 0.1 yuan / only), the sample  gas chromatograph vials can be used repeatedly and does not need to be cleaned.

This is the end of the introduction of How to clean the gas chromatograph vials. I hope it can help you.


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