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May I ask the GC Vials, how to clean it?

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 This is an article about May I ask the GC Vials, how to clean it?. If you are interested, please contact us!

I don't know how to clean the GC Vials. The brush is too big and the GC Vials mouth is too small. I said my usual operation. After adding detergent to the ultrasound, add pure water (three times). Is that the case? Best control (infrared)

Because it is still the first time to clean the GC Vials, there is no way to verify that this operation can meet the requirements!
Proceed as follows:

1. Pour the residual sample from the GC Vials into the waste GC Vials.

2, use acetone to fill the sample GC Vials for ultrasound, the number can be grasped by myself, I usually ultrasound 2 times, each time 15Min

3, take out the sample GC Vials to dry (in the fume hood)

4, take part of the blank test.

But now we don't choose to clean, for the following reasons

1, the total price of the GC Vials and matching cover pad is 1.3 yuan, the price is not high

2, washing the sample GC Vials requires too much manpower and time

3, acetone is a controlled reagent, the purchase is more troublesome, and there will be volatilization when ultrasound.

4, always used twice, there will be a little residue

I personally prefer one-time use, personal opinions, for reference only!

This is the end of the introduction of May I ask the GC Vials, how to clean it?. I hope it can help you.


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