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How do you clean the caps and Agilent vials pads of your Agilent vials?

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 This is an article about How do you clean the caps and Agilent vials pads of your Agilent vials. If you are interested, please contact us!

Every time the Agilent vials mat is punctured, (the Agilent vials mat is red and white), I want to reuse the cap and Agilent vials mat again next time, and it will not be polluted. How can I clean them? 

How did you clean it?

Individuals give the following suggestions:

1. Look at your testing requirements. If you are not high, you can consider domestic products. The transaction price is about 1 yuan, and the one-time use should be within the acceptable range.

2. If the domestically produced products do not meet the testing requirements, select the imported products, if possible, classify the vials, and classify one number. The uniformly coded vials are only used to test one sample. If the test results have no substances to be detected, The waste liquid in the Agilent vials can be directly reused, and the detection result is directly thrown away by the target compound;
3, try to avoid the cleaning operation, because this operation is very easy to introduce secondary pollution, it can not be avoided, the Agilent vials is cleaned according to the material characteristics and then into the muffle furnace high temperature burning, the cover is not critical because it does not touch the sample, the septum must be Replacement, there is no way to clean it, and it is not necessarily cheaper than buying a brand new one;

4, the machine allows the product to change, such as Agilent's machine can be compatible with 9mm threaded mouth and 11mm crimp sample Agilent vials, but the same brand of products, 11mm price will be less than 9mm.

Above comments are for reference only.

This is the end of the introduction of How do you clean the caps and Agilent vials pads of your Agilent vials. I hope it can help you.


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