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How to choose a HPLC column ?

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 This is an article about How to choose a HPLC column ?. If you are interested, please contact us!

Before choosing a HPLC  column, learn more about your samples and impurities, their type structure, polarity, acidity, molecular weight, etc.

1. The sample is polar and weakly acidic; you can choose C18 to be tested under 100% acidic aqueous solution, that is, to choose a HPLC  column that withstands 100% pure water and retains good polar compounds.1.5ML SCREW HPLC VIALS

2. If the sample is too polar or too acidic; you can choose CN, NH2, or silica gel column, HILIC (hydrophilic chromatography), or use C18+ strong anion pair reagent or strong anion exchange HPLC  column (disadvantage is ion pair reagent) The balance time is long, and the pH of the mobile phase is relatively precise. Otherwise, it is difficult to repeat the experiment. In addition, the ion-pairing reagent is difficult to wash down, and the HPLC  column with the ion pair can not be used for other experiments.1.5ML SCREW HPLC VIALS

3. If the sample is alkaline; choose high-purity silica gel column (high-purity silica gel lacks metal impurities, and silicone end-capping) or some modified C18 column (such as polar insertion technology or alkali deactivation technology) They will reduce the tailing of alkaline compounds, generally choose neutral or alkaline conditions, because it can increase the retention of alkaline samples.
4. If the polarity of the basic compound is too strong, or the alkalinity is too strong; a wide pH C18 HPLC  column can be selected for high pH detection (the advantage is that the method development is simple, and the disadvantage is that the column brand comparison of the current technology is realized. Less, the price is also high) or use HILIC column (silicone column used under reversed phase conditions, which is also a classic method for detecting alkaline samples) choose strong ion exchange column (the disadvantage is that it can not be used to analyze other samples, on the flow Phase pH requirements are more precise, otherwise it is difficult to repeat the experiment. There are also C18+ strong anion pair reagents or strong anion exchange columns.1.5ML SCREW HPLC VIALS

This is the end of the introduction of How to choose a HPLC column ?. I hope it can help you.


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