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Chromatogram peak splitting reason

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 This is an article about  Chromatogram peak splitting reason. If you are interested, please contact us!

Signal peak splitting can occur for the following reasons:

Column contamination2ml crimp chromatography headspace vials

Partial blockage of the hair plug

Invalid bed

Injection solvent effect

Coeluting compound

When the unfiltered sample is injected or the sample solvent and mobile phase are inconsistent, it often causes column contamination or partial blockage of the hair plug. If the sample solvent is not matched, the sample component may be precipitated at the inlet of the column when it is mixed with the mobile phase or when it comes into contact with the metal surface of the plug.
The formation of an ineffective column bed is either due to the hydrodynamic factors (high flow rate, high viscosity of the mobile phase) to the stress of the column with poor loading, either due to mechanical forces (column drop) or in chemistry The dissolution of the filler occurs under action (for example, pH > 12).2ml crimp chromatography headspace vials

When the elution intensity of the injection solvent is higher than that of the mobile phase, peak splitting or peak broadening occurs. This effect is particularly pronounced at the early eluting peaks.

Peak splitting may also occur when co-elution of any two compounds occurs. For this reason, columns with higher efficiency (the number of theoretical plates) should be able to better separate the peak signals from each other. Using smaller filler particles or increasing the length of the column should solve the problem. Increasing the operating temperature and/or decreasing the viscosity of the mobile phase may also promote separation.

In addition, a compound may be eluted in two states, for example, if the amount of reagent in the ion pair state is insufficient in the mobile phase or the mobile phase buffering capacity is insufficient.2ml crimp chromatography headspace vials
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