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The role of gas chromatograph chromatography workstation software

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This is an article about The role of gas chromatograph chromatography workstation software. If you are interested, please contact us!

Just as the gas chromatograph data processor compares the original manual measurement or paper-cutting to significantly improve the automation level of chromatographic data processing, the computer-based “stage” chromatography workstation software should make the chromatographic data processing work easier. .2ml amber crimp glass vials This requires the gas chromatograph workstation software to give full play to the powerful data processing capabilities of the computer, completely breaking through the traditional spectral data processing methods in the chromatographic data processor, instead of copying the set commonly used in the previous chromatographic data processor to the computer.

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Come. In view of this, the GC chromatograph workstation software does not require more parameters to be set by the user. An excellent GC chromatograph workstation software should focus on the intelligent processing of spectral data, and strive to require users to have the spectrum. The knowledge of graph data processing is minimized.
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