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Decomposition of overlapping peaks in gas chromatograph

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The high dimensionality and high degree of nonlinearity of the gas chromatograph overlap peak decomposition problem make the calculation take a long time and is generally only suitable for post-processing 20ml clear autosampler vials . The high-dimensional problem not only makes the algorithm very slow, but also has a great influence on the convergence of the algorithm.

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This is because there are often local minimum points in the objective function, and the parameter optimization process often falls into the local minimum point and cannot be self-extracted, and cannot converge to the global minimum point. The more the number of peaks in the gas chromatograph, the more model parameters, the more local small points in the objective function. The gradient descent algorithm searches for the direction of the improved solution each time. This "greedy" algorithm often leads to finding only one local optimal solution, rather than the global optimal solution. An artificial neural network with optimization functions can solve the problem of local minimum points.
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