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Gas chromatograph packed column stationary phase filling

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At present, most of the gas chromatograph (HPLC vials russia)packed columns are "decompression method". The method is to first rinse the inner wall of the column tube with an organic solvent such as acetone or ethanol, and then dry it. Plug one end of the gas chromatograph tube into the silanized glass wool and connect it to the buffer bottle of the vacuum pump, then slowly pour the coated stationary phase from the other end, start the vacuum pump, and gently gently from different directions.

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Tap the column tube until the stationary phase in the funnel is no longer pumped into the column tube to stop the pump. After removing the column, plug it with silanized glass wool. The end of the fill inlet should normally be marked with a mark that is connected to the vaporization chamber as the inlet to the column of the gas chromatograph.
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