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Gas chromatograph bead life

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In order to obtain the best sensitivity and selectivity Chromatography vials manufacturer china , the gas chromatograph must ensure that the bead has sufficient surface temperature, and the surface temperature is related to the use time or degradation degree of the bead, or the life of the gas chromatograph NPD is not unlimited. Under normal conditions of use, the life can be guaranteed for more than 2 years.

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However, in the operation of the gas chromatograph, the degradation rate of the bead is not uniform, and the degradation is usually fast in the initial stage and slow in the later stage. Experiments show that the sensitivity of the first 50h may drop by 20%, and after 1300h, the sensitivity will drop by about 20% every 250h, which is why the new bead must be pre-degraded for high stability before it is used. The reason, of course, to do semi-quantitative, and the sensitivity requirements are not high, the degradation time should not be too long.
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