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Liquid chromatograph mobile phase storage bottle safety cap

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When the solvent bottle is open or partially covered, it will cause the solvent to volatilize to produce toxic gases. Use Agilent's solvent-safe caps to avoid solvent evaporation and possible chemical spills. These safety caps offer optimum sealing and an integrated venting valve that maintains pressure balance during solvent extraction while providing a constant flow to the LC system. Exhaust valve with PTFE membrane to avoid solvent 9mm Agilent vials
To the pollution of dust and dust particles.

Match all solvent bottles

Made of PTFE and PFA, highly resistant to corrosion

The cap is rotated flexibly, avoiding the entanglement of the tubing when replacing the solvent bottle

Available in threaded versions such as GL40, GL45, S60 and NS29/32

Solvent safety cap installation steps

Standard Safety Cap Installation Guide - Four-Step Method to Install Safety Caps

1. Pass the solvent tube through the connector on the safety cap
2. Reconnect the solvent inlet filter to the solvent tube (open end)
3. Screw the safety cap onto the solvent bottle opening
4. Adjust the length of the solvent tube in the solvent bottle, then tighten the joint to fix the solvent tube
Installation instructions for safety caps with shut-off valves9mm Agilent vials

These safety caps have a shut-off valve to close the solvent bottle. Therefore, the solvent tube can be left in the solvent bottle during maintenance.

There is no need to worry about the solvent flowing out of the flow path.

Four-step installation of safety caps with globe valves

1. Cut the solvent tube into two sections
2. Attach the upper tube to the connector on the safety cover (upper) (red or blue)
3. Cut the appropriate length of solvent tube and connect the lower tube to the connector on the safety cover (lower)
4. Screw the safety cap onto the solvent bottle9mm Agilent vials

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