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Temperature considerations need to be considered when selecting a liquid chromatography column

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  This is an article about Temperature considerations need to be considered when selecting a liquid chromatography column. If you are interested, please contact us!

The direct performance of the contamination of the liquid chromatography column is the deterioration of the chromatographic peak shape, broadening, asymmetry, tailing and column efficiency, which affect the accuracy of the chromatographic data. The main reason for the inability of the column to continue to be used is that the strong retained 9mm HPLC vials  material in the sample gradually accumulates in the column during long-term use, and the serious situation directly causes the column to be scrapped. To extend the life of the column, the commonly used method is column regeneration.

The regeneration of the liquid chromatography column is to re-treat the chromatographic column which is seriously polluted during the normal use and can not effectively remove the contaminated impurities by the conventional cleaning method, thereby removing the pollutants and obviously improving the performance indexes of the column. The recovery can continue to use a series of cleaning processes.

Liquid chromatography column characteristics

Simultaneous analysis of acids, bases and neutrals

The same peak shape without mobile phase modifier is also symmetrical

Stable bonding, long column life

Liquid and microporous columns, analytical columns and preparative columns

3μm, 5μm and 10μm diameter particles

When choosing a LC column, you must consider other factors, such as temperature. Because the temperature changes by 1 degree, the retention time will vary by 1-3%, so temperature control is very important, and the temperature change also affects the selectivity of the column, which will make you more active in the temperature selection. In the analysis, the column temperature is generally a little higher than room temperature (such as 35 ° C), because this temperature is easy to control, and at low pressure, it is beneficial to reduce the viscosity of the solvent, thereby reducing the column pressure. Sometimes you need to use some other methods, such as adding some special substances to the mobile phase. It is recommended that you use this method when you really need it. Remember KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid), don't make yours The mobile phase is too complicated! 9mm HPLC vials

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