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How to choose a good value for money gas chromatograph?

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  This is an article about How to choose a good value for money gas chromatograph?. If you are interested, please contact us!

After several decades of development, chromatographic technology has become a routine detection and analysis technology, which is widely used in various fields of society. Gas chromatography is the most widely used analytical instrument in chromatographic applications. There are basically gas chromatographs in the laboratory, which is one of the necessary instruments in the laboratory. Applications for gas chromatography include food, chemical, amber headspace vials medical, biological, environmental, chemical, etc., and a wide range. There are also a wide variety of gas chromatograph manufacturers, with a wide range of brands and a wide range of categories. So how do you choose the right gas chromatograph? Is it more expensive, the better? The answer is of course no. Only the best for you is the best! How to buy the most suitable gas chromatograph?

First, the reason for purchase

Why buy a gas chromatograph, not the other ones. There are many kinds of substances, gas chromatographs can be measured, other instruments can also be measured, buy gas chromatography is to comply with regulations or other reasons, to figure out, don't buy the wrong, regret it is late!

Second, analyze what substances are detected

When purchasing equipment, it is necessary to consider which substances are detected and analyzed. In this case, it is necessary to analyze the sample. The composition and state of the sample itself are in a gaseous state, a liquid state, a solid state or a mixed state. Can it be directly analyzed by a gas chromatograph? Whether there are soot, suspended matter, high Buddha point components and corrosive components in the sample. In order to consider how the sample is obtained, how to carry out pretreatment of the sample; the component to be tested is thermally unstable, easily decomposed, or easily catalyzed. Does the change in time, temperature, pressure, etc. cause changes in the component being tested; is the sample source easy? Allowing sample consumption facilitates selection of injection methods; components that do not require analysis and approximate concentration ranges; and the number of samples that need to be analyzed each day, and the interval between analyses.
Third, the frequency of use

If the frequency of use is high, you have to choose a better one, so as to avoid the need for maintenance and delay work. Look at the repeatability, durability and other properties of the gas chromatograph. In this case, the instrument can meet the requirements of high frequency of use.

Fourth, the purpose of analysis

Consider what the purpose of the analysis is. Quantitative analysis? In what range? - constant (10-1`~10-3); semi-micro (10-3~10-5); trace (10-5~10-7); trace (10-6~10-9) or super mark Quantity (≤10-9); or do qualitative analysis? The components being analyzed are known to be unknown, are there any standards? Or do you need quantitative accuracy and analytical accuracy? Because if it is a semi-quantitative requirement, it is much simpler.

Fifth, its own budget

It is important to consider how much you can spend. The performance is very good, and it is not enough to not meet your own financial ability. Secondly, you should also know "the other", knowing that "the other" is the information of the seller. You should know more about the current gas chromatograph brands and models on the market, what are their characteristics and approximate market prices, as well as after-sales service information.

Six, relevant standards

Need to consult the national standard, line standard, enterprise standard or foreign related reference materials for the presence or absence of the sample to be analyzed. If it is, the function and technical requirements of the instrument should be given in the standard. This is an important point!

7. Positioning of the purchaser

Need to consider what is the positioning of the purchase unit. Is it a research institute? Is this demand high; is it a monitoring and analysis center? The requirements are accurate and reliable; or the on-line analysis of the * line requires high repeat reproduction.

Eight, analysis method situation

The same sample, in theory, may be useful in a variety of instrumental analysis methods, from the instrument's performance / price ratio, operating characteristics, maintenance services, multi-party comparison, list the reasons for the choice of gas chromatograph analysis.

9. Collecting samples and materials

It is recommended to collect samples and data for various types of gas chromatographs (including accessories) to prepare the final preparation for the final selection.

X. Existing conditions amber headspace vials

What are the current conditions? There are many units for a new analytical task. The existing instruments are properly modified and re-established analytical methods, which are fully qualified for the job; if the conditions are met, there is no reason to make a big investment to purchase new instruments and equipment.

XI. There are analysts who do similar samples around the work unit. If there is any choice for the selection and future establishment of chromatographic analysis methods, it will directly help.

12. Whether the task is long-term or short-term

The task is long-term? Still short-term? What kind of instrument is used to decide how much to invest depending on the task? Do you want to make long-term plans?

13. Working efficiency of instruments and equipment

Need to consider the efficiency and operating costs of the selected equipment.

In any case, when purchasing a gas chromatograph, you should know more about the gas chromatograph brands and models currently on the market, which gas chromatograph manufacturers have, what characteristics and approximate market prices, and after-sales service information. . Consider the above aspects, I believe it will help you to purchase an ideal gas chromatograph! amber headspace vials

This is the end of the introduction of How to choose a good value for money gas chromatograph? I hope it can help you.


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