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Headspace vials application

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  This is an article about Headspace vials application. If you are interested, please contact us!

1. A dedicated chromatographic analyzer for a variety of industries, providing chromatographic accessory consumables as well as used chromatographic equipment.20ml headspace vials
2. Online return control high performance liquid chromatography LC-200, HPLC high pressure liquid chromatography and liquid chromatography consumables accessories.
3. Undertake chromatographic analysis tasks, installation, commissioning, maintenance and maintenance services of domestic and imported gas chromatographs, liquid chromatographs and other analytical instruments. As well as the modification, update and upgrade of chromatographic instruments.
4. Headspace vials packed column: various specifications, zui new filling technology, can be customized for various brands of GC imported packing column and packing, can be used in foreign domestic brands of different gas chromatographs, with stainless steel empty column tube , glass empty column tube and other materials column empty column, imported chromatographic fixed solution, support and so on.

4-1. Headspace Vials Capillary Column: Various Specifications.
5. High performance liquid chromatography column: Model specifications of various liquid chromatography columns, latest filling technology, including: C18 column, C8, C4, CN-cyano, NH2-amino, SiO2-Silica-silica Column and other LC columns, proxy agilent columns and Varian columns, kromasil LC columns, and Philoline alkaline columns
6. The headspace vials is anion/cation chromatographic column: various model specifications, SAX strong anion column, SCX strong cation column, WAX weak anion exchange column, WCX weak cation exchange column.
7. Liquid chromatography column accessories: liquid chromatography column oven, liquid phase protection column (including column core, column sleeve), liquid chromatography column head sieve plate, column joint, column sealing plug, hand screw plug, large amount Supply empty column tube for chromatography, column packing.
8. Headspace vials consumables: headspace vialss, syringes, sample pads, ferrules, imported xenon lamps, high pressure lines, nut joints, valve parts, chromatography packing, etc.

This is the end of the introduction of Headspace vials application. I hope it can help you.


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