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Keep the cleaning process of the headspace vials clean

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  This is an article about Keep the cleaning process of the headspace vials clean . If you are interested, please contact us!

1. Open the aluminum cover in the fume hood, pour the material that can be poured out of the 2ml headspace vials into the waste bottle, and then let the vials evaporate for a period of time in the fume hood;

2, the vials into the basin, add detergent and tap water, soak, it should not be too long, the residual material in the vials can be washed down;
3. Brush the vials with a test tube brush and clean the tap water;

4. Drain the water in the vials as much as possible and soak it for 0.5-1 h with analytically pure methanol. (The soaked methanol can be reused. If the methanol is too dirty, it should be replaced.)

5. Pour the soaked methanol back into the original glass vials and continue to use it next time. The soaked 2ml headspace vials is washed with tap water, then rinsed with ultrapure water for 2-3 times, rinsed and dried.

This is the end of the introduction of Keep the cleaning process of the headspace vials clean . I hope it can help you.


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