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Autosampler vials washing principle matrix complex

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  This is an article about Autosampler vials washing principle matrix complex. If you are interested, please contact us!

1. Why is the *group injection vials washing box (washing box filled with 100 injection vials) ready, and then ultrasonically ultrasonically wash the set of sample vials washing boxes while preparing the next set of sample vials washing boxes, and Isn't the four sets of sample vials wash boxes all ready for ultrasound ultrasound together?

A: The purpose is to improve efficiency! If you prepare the 9mm agilent vials wash baskets one by one, you will find that your *group injection vials wash basket has been ultrasonically cleaned three times with organic solvents when you have prepared the fourth set of sample wash boxes. , * group can already be washed with water.

2. Why do each group of injection vials washing boxes be divided into three large boxes one by one (three times in total) ultrasonic ultrasound, instead of putting four sets of prepared sample vials washing boxes in one container, one ultrasonic cleaning?
A: This is done by using the principle of “small number of washings”. In general, the laboratory does not use the organic solvent to ultrasonically clean the sample vials three times. In three separate large boxes, you can put different washing liquids as needed. The product is designed to be more thorough. If the matrix in the vial is complex, you can use a 1 mol/L sodium hydroxide ethanol solution in the third box.

3. Can the product wash the sample vials clean?

A: This is a question that everyone is very concerned about! Only a small amount of material remaining on the inner wall of the injection vials is washed with three times of organic solvents of different nature (10 min per ultrasonic) and more than 10 times of water. How can it be washed unclean?

4. Can the washing solvent be recycled?

A: Yes, use a rotary evaporator to steam, collect the collected organic solvent, put it into a glass vials, and continue to use it next time!

5. Do the washing operations follow the above instructions for use?

A: Not a must! The laboratory can prepare its own washing program according to its actual situation 9mm agilent vials.

This is the end of the introduction of Autosampler vials washing principle matrix complex. I hope it can help you.


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