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Gas chromatograph with headspace sampler

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The utility model discloses a gas chromatograph with a headspace sampler GC vials, which comprises a split/splitless inlet, a headspace sample splitting channel, a split outlet, a capillary column; and is passed by a headspace sampler. The carrier gas and a portion of the sample transported from the headspace sample flow channel enter the capillary column of the gas chromatograph through the split/splitless inlet, and the other portion is transported to the split outlet through the headspace sample split channel; A flow restricting needle valve is arranged at the split outlet, and the flow restricting flow is controlled by the restricting needle type valve. Through the above improvements, the sensitivity of the sample detection can be greatly improved, and the detection accuracy is also improved. The headspace injection pressure is less restricted, and after the pressure is increased, no more headspace samples can enter the column due to the effect of the automatic adjustment release of the inlet EPC GC vials.

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