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10ml gas chromatography headspace crimp vials

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  This is an article about 10ml gas chromatography headspace crimp vials . If you are interested, please contact us!

  • 20mm Aluminum Crimp Cap Seals and Vials ensure that a proper seal is made for this demanding application

  • Vials are manufactured of Clear, Type 1 Class A or Amber, Type 1 Class B borosilicate glass and include a write-in patch for sample identification. Both flat and rounded bottom vials are available.

  • Caps are made of high quality laquered aluminum, 0.010" thick 10ml gas chromatography headspace crimp vials 

  • Cap colors are available in silver only

    10ml crimp vials

  • Many septa options are available and use only the highest quality materials to ensure proper function and can be pre-slit to ease needle penetration

  • 0.120" Natural Silicone with 0.005" Natural PTFE. Designed for highly demanding volatile analyses (Headspace) up to a maximum of 200C

  • High quality silicone compounds are used to ensure proper re-sealing and reduced chances of coring

  • Septa is pre-conditioned to ensure low bleed (see technical info) 10ml gas chromatography headspace crimp vials 

  • Absence of pigments eliminates additional sources of contamination (see technical info)

This is the end of the introduction of 10ml gas chromatography headspace crimp vials. I hope it can help you.


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