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New LC-MS column usage considerations

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 This is an article about New LC-MS column usage considerations. If you are interested, please contact us!

For most LC column manufacturers, each column is tested before it is shipped out and stored in the test eluent for transport. Therefore, when using for the first time, it is not necessary to rinse with water, as long as the column is thoroughly equilibrated with the mobile phase. If mobile phase additives (such as buffers or ion-pairing reagents) are used, it is recommended to use an intermediate phase with a mobile phase that does not contain these additives. Flushing with 10 to 20 column volumes 2ml LC-MS screw autosampler vialswill help transition to the mobile phase. For columns with a shorter chemical chain (eg C8, phenyl, CN) bonded phase, care should be taken to ensure a thorough balance before using the column. This ensures repeatability and helps prevent drift in retention time.
The normal phase solvent and the reverse phase solvent are immiscible, which cannot be ignored. For the newly purchased column, please first open the analysis test specification to understand the storage solvent of the column. If the storage solvent is not miscible with the mobile phase you are going to use, first transition with isopropanol. During the transition, note that due to the high viscosity of isopropyl alcohol, the column pressure will increase and the flow rate will be appropriately adjusted. If the mobile phase contains buffer salts, first use the same proportion of mobile phase without buffer salts to avoid the precipitation of buffer salts.2ml LC-MS screw autosampler vials

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