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Method for improving HPLC column efficiency

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 This is an article about Method for improving HPLC column efficiency. If you are interested, please contact us!

Column efficiency is an important indicator of chromatographic performance. 2ml screw hplc vialsWhether a mixture can be separated in a column depends on factors such as the choice of the appropriate stationary phase and the chromatographic operating conditions and column loading conditions. Under certain chromatographic operating conditions, column efficiency can be measured by theoretical plate number or theoretical plate height. To improve the efficiency of liquid chromatography, you can start from the following aspects.

(1) Reduce the flow rate of the mobile phase, but it will lengthen the analysis time.
(2) Reduce the amount of stationary phase, but the amount of sample loading in the column also decreases.2ml screw hplc vials
(3) Reduce the particle size of the stationary phase, but not excessively. After too much, the permeability of the column will also decrease.
(4) Select a low-viscosity mobile phase to facilitate rapid mass transfer, but it is not conducive to multi-component analysis.
(5) Properly increasing the column temperature can reduce the viscosity of the mobile phase, but the column efficiency and resolution are also reduced.
(6) Minimize the volume of the stagnation mobile phase, but accelerate the flow rate of the mobile phase.

As can be seen from the above description, various factors are mutually exclusive and constrained during the chromatographic analysis process. Only by tracking and measuring the efficiency of the column, can we find the best working conditions by continuously researching and practicing our own analytical methods.2ml screw hplc vials
This is the end of the introduction of Method for improving HPLC column efficiency. I hope it can help you.


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