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GC-9870Plus gas chromatograph (touch color screen) officially put on the market

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 This is an article about GC-9870Plus gas chromatograph (touch color screen) officially put on the market. If you are interested, please contact us!
The GC-9870Plus Gas Chromatograph (Touch Color Screen) combines advanced EPC electronic pneumatics and high-precision temperature control with an optimized column oven and injector to provide a superior chromatographic separation system.10ml headspace vials

GC-9870Plus is a fully automated gas chromatograph with imported (1280X800) color touch screen settings and display, friendly interface and simple operation. All are controlled and managed by the microcomputer, and the high reliability design reflects the excellent quality performance, which greatly improves the analysis efficiency.

New EPC electronic pneumatic control, high-precision valve control electronic pressure display (choose one)

● The GC-9870Plus integrated EPC module accurately and stably controls the flow and pressure, and digitally controls the gas path parameters of the injector and detector to ensure the consistency and reproducibility of the analysis results.10ml headspace vials

● Depending on the customer's needs, 1-5 EPC modules can be installed at the same time to achieve EPC control of 3-15 channels.

● Carrier gas flow accuracy ± 5%, flow repeatability ± 0.35%, flow range 200ml / min. And there are standardized atmospheric pressure and temperature compensation, program pressure and flow program functions.

● The new EPC electronic pneumatic control technology guarantees excellent repeatability and repeatability.

●High-precision valve control adjustment, real-time electronic digital pressure display of chromatographic host display and computer anti-control software ensures the accuracy of adjustment and realizes the repeatability of the instrument.

Various high performance inlets

The GC-9870Plus offers a variety of inlet options, including split/splitless capillary inlets and packed column injector ports to optimize chromatographic separation.

 Can be installed with two split/splitless inlets, or one split/splitless inlet and one large inlet, or one capillary inlet and one packed column inlet, all controlled by EPC.10ml headspace vials

● Split/splitless inlet with smaller dead volume and higher repeatability. Choose from more than ten internationally-used glass liners.

●Optional automatic liquid sampler with different digits, headspace autosampler and thermal desorber, easy to operate and high stability.
High-performance oven with precise temperature control and excellent temperature performance

● GC-9870Plus chromatograph column chamber temperature performance has reached the international advanced level. Equipped with a high-precision temperature control system for fast and accurate constant temperature and temperature programmed control.

● The large-capacity oven is equipped with a capillary column as standard. In special cases, two capillary columns, or two packed columns and one capillary column can be installed at the same time.

● Temperature control range from ambient temperature +4 ° C to 420 ° C, temperature stability up to ± 0.02 ° C. Support 20-stage oven temperature gradient, which can be arbitrarily increased by software setting.10ml headspace vials

● Eight-way temperature control, any way over-temperature automatically cut off the power supply to stop heating and alarm

This is the end of the introduction of GC-9870Plus gas chromatograph (touch color screen) officially put on the market. I hope it can help you.


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