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Daily maintenance of liquor analysis gas chromatograph

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 This is an article about Daily maintenance of liquor analysis gas chromatograph. If you are interested, please contact us!

Analytical instruments often give people a feeling of "fineness", and the cost of repairs after a failure is usually amazing. 20ml CTC vials In fact, if used properly, it can be used for a long time. For example, our customer's early GC-9860 A gas chromatograph has been used for more than ten years and still plays a role in the first-line work.

It is not difficult to learn to use analytical instruments. It is difficult to do well and do it well, but what is really difficult is how to ensure that it will continue to operate normally for a long time.

We should not think that the instrument should be maintained when the analytical instrument has a fault response. It should not only be done regularly and purposefully, but also establish a concept: an important function of maintenance and maintenance is to ensure a good detection state and ensure that it is Accurate detection of analytical data.20ml CTC vials

The main factors affecting the sustainable operation of analytical instruments are: 1. The cleaning and replacement of consumable parts is not timely; 2. The hardware is not scientific; 3. The equipment is insufficient.

Various analytical instruments vary greatly in structure, function, and application, but there are certain commonalities in the problems that often arise and the direction of maintenance. This commonality is: "There are few problems with the fixed components of the instrument itself, and it is easy to fail only where the user often touches."

In order to accurately determine the main flavor component content and methanol content in liquor (the determination of methanol in food GB 5009.266-2016), gas chromatography has become an indispensable test method in the liquor industry.
The liquor analysis gas chromatograph GC-9860II adopts a full microcomputer automatic control system, an adjustable liquid crystal display, and the display content is rich and intuitive; 20ml CTC vials the Chinese keyboard operation, setting parameters and operation are very convenient. Adopting new dual CPU design, original Japanese high integration electronic circuit technology, excellent reliability and anti-interference ability, temperature control accuracy reaches 0.1 °C, display accuracy is up to 0.01 °C, and power consumption of each heating part can be simultaneously displayed. percentage. The main national standards implemented are: GB/T10345-2007, GB/T10781-2006 and GB 5009.266-2016 and other current alcohol standards. It provides powerful help for the quality control and production certification of liquor companies, and the test results meet the national standards.

Liquor analysis gas chromatograph routine maintenance measures:

1. The injection pad in the injector should be replaced after 10 pins or more. After replacement, pay attention to check whether it leaks.

2. The syringe is a consumable. 20ml CTC vials After the damage, pay attention to the replacement in time to avoid the use of curved needle injection;

3. The column is a consumable. When the separation effect is worse, the column pressure is appropriately lowered. If it is still not well separated, the column needs to be aged. After the aging, the separation effect is good, and the side needs to be replaced. ;

4. The injection technique at the time of injection has a direct influence on the final test result. For the accuracy of the test result, please be skilled in the injection technique;

5. When the number of samples is frequent, 20ml CTC vials you should make a standard sample every year and update the template! When the number of samples is small, the time interval for making standard samples can be appropriately extended to verify the accuracy of the instrument.

This is the end of the introduction of Daily maintenance of liquor analysis gas chromatograph. I hope it can help you.


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