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A new breakthrough in natural gas metering methods

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In recent years, China's oil and gas industry has developed rapidly, and all parties in society are increasingly willing to deepen the market-oriented reforms in the oil and gas sector, Gas Chromatography vialsand more and more demands for fairness and openness. At the same time, China is making every effort to promote the construction of natural gas production, supply, storage and sales systems. The interconnection and fairness of natural gas pipeline network facilities has been upgraded to a more important position.

On August 3, the National Development and Reform Commission publicly solicited opinions on the “Fair and Open Supervision Measures for Oil and Gas Pipeline Facilities” (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”), marking the opening of the oil and gas pipeline network facilities to third parties. The "Measures" issued this time have made new breakthroughs in the measurement of natural gas. For the first time, a new measurement method for the calorific value of natural gas is used, that is, the energy measurement method.

As an important clean energy source, natural gas has been widely used in various fields of national production and life. At present, in the world energy consumption structure, the proportion of natural gas consumption in total energy consumption is also increasing.Gas Chromatography vials With the continuous expansion of natural gas trade, the requirements for natural gas measurement methods are also constantly increasing.

At present, natural gas measurement methods mainly include volume measurement, mass measurement and energy measurement. International natural gas trade and developed countries such as Europe and the United States use energy metering methods. Most of China's current volume measurement methods are used. The metering instruments used include orifice flowmeters, turbine flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeters, and lumbar flowmeters. , vortex flowmeter, spiral vortex flowmeter, etc. With the implementation of this Method, the measurement of natural gas by energy metering will gradually occupy the mainstream of the market. The measurement methods include direct measurement methods (such as combustion meters), indirect measurement methods (such as gas chromatography), and related technologies. One of the three measuring devices is combined.
However, natural gas, as an energy source for combustion, is valued by the amount of heat it provides. However, natural gas is a multi-component gas mixture. Due to the different origins, the components and contents are also different. This makes the natural gas of the same volume and quality from different sources produce different energy. Therefore, from the perspective of scientific fair measurement, natural gas measurement is more reasonable than energy measurement, which is conducive to accurate measurement, fairness, reduction of settlement disputes and healthy development of the natural gas industry.

Natural gas energy measurement has become the development trend of natural gas trade and consumption measurement and settlement in the world. Developed countries established relatively perfect natural gas trade measurement regulations, standards and testing methods in the 1990s. Among them, the United States is the earliest country in the world to implement natural gas energy measurement. Volumetric measurement was used before 1980, and energy measurement began in 1980. The unit of measurement is USD/MMBtu.

The natural gas energy metering is based on the volume measurement, and then the natural gas calorific value is measured. The heat per unit volume of natural gas is multiplied by the volume of the natural gas to obtain the total energy of the natural gas flowing through the cross section of the closed pipeline.

As the proportion of natural gas in various energy consumption structures continues to rise, the Director of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol, said: "In the next five years, the global natural gas market will be reshaped by three major structural changes. China It will become the world's largest natural gas importer in the next two to three years." Gas Chromatography vials
Therefore, China will continue to expand international trade in natural gas, and the measurement method must be in line with the international market in order to start a dialogue on the same platform.

On August 1, 2009, the national standard GB/T 22723-2008 “Determination of Natural Gas Energy” officially implemented, indicating that China's natural gas energy measurement has a standard, especially for China's natural gas measurement methods and international support. .

At present, the basic conditions for the implementation of natural gas energy measurement in China are basically available. For this reason, the requirements of natural gas energy measurement are clearly stated in the Measures. Relevant unit enterprises should actively carry out research on natural energy energy measurement supporting technology, introduce and digest foreign advanced online gas chromatograph, off-line gas chromatograph and flow computer, and develop and apply China's energy metering system according to Chinese standards.Gas Chromatography vials

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A new breakthrough in natural gas metering methods
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