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Characteristics of gas chromatograph peaks

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In a gas chromatograph, the "response" of a substance appears as a peak similar to a Gaussian distribution, a probability distribution curve that extends from one highest point to both sides and gradually approaches the baseline of the background of the spectrum.
In reality, the change of the peak curve of the gas chromatograph must be a gradual process. The peak curve and its high-order reciprocal curve must be continuous. There is no discontinuity on the peak curve itself and its high-order reciprocal curve. In theory, the peak of the gas chromatograph gradually rises from infinity and gradually decreases to infinity, and there is no clear starting point and end point. However, people are accustomed to divide the peak by the resolution of the naked eye or the detection sensitivity of the machine. The "start" point and the "end" point. Thus, each peak of the gas chromatograph has five characteristic points: the starting point, the left turning point, the apex, the right turning point, and the ending point.

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Characteristics of gas chromatograph peaks
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