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Gas chromatograph temperature control system

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 This is an article about Gas chromatograph temperature control system. If you are interested, please contact us!

The temperature control system is an important control system in the gas chromatograph. Its control principle can be either analog control or digital control. In the early chromatographs, the analog PID control principle was used for control. Now with the advancement of electronic technology and the widespread promotion of single-chip microcomputers, digital control controlled by single-chip microcomputer is often used.

The temperature control zone of the gas chromatograph amber GC vials can be an oven, a reactor or a detector. The temperature measurement platinum resistance is generally installed in the middle part of the temperature control area, and the function of the temperature measurement circuit is to convert the resistance signal of the platinum resistance output into a voltage signal.
Then, the A/D converter converts the digital signal that can be read by the single-chip microcomputer, and the control single-chip computer first calculates the current temperature value according to the read digital signal, and calculates the software according to the current gas chromatograph temperature and the set temperature. The method calculates that the heating should be continued or stopped at the moment, and the power device is controlled by the driving circuit to further amber GC vialscontrol the heating device to achieve temperature control.

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