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Gas chromatograph solid state relay structure

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 This is an article about Gas chromatograph solid state relay structure. If you are interested, please contact us!

Gas Chromatograph 2ml Crimp vials Solid State Relays were introduced in the 1970s and consist of three parts: input circuits, isolation, and output circuits. According to different types of input voltage, the input circuit can be divided into three types: DC input circuit, AC input circuit and AC/DC input circuit. Some gas chromatograph solid-state relay input control circuits also have TTL/CMOS compatible, positive and negative logic control box inversion.

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The isolation and coupling methods of the input and output circuits of the gas chromatograph solid-state relay are optocoupler and transformer coupling. The output circuit of the solid state relay can also be divided into a DC output circuit, an AC output circuit, and an AC/DC output circuit. The gas chromatograph solid state relay has a series of advantages such as reliable operation, long life, 
2ml Crimp vialslow interference to the outside world, compatibility with logic circuits, strong anti-interference ability, fast switching speed and convenient use.

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