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Gas chromatograph thyristor control

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 This is an article about Gas chromatograph thyristor control. If you are interested, please contact us!

The control of the gas chromatograph thyristor mainly has two methods of controlling 20ml headspace vials the conduction angle trigger and the zero-crossing trigger control.
Gas Chromatograph SCR has many characteristics. One of its characteristics is that when the thyristor is working, when the current flows, the device will heat up, the temperature is at the highest on the PN junction, and the generated heat will be emitted outward. When the gas chromatograph is operating to a steady state, the current flowing through the device and the temperature at the PN junction are in a steady state, and the current flowing through the device and the losses generated on the device can be expressed in a logarithmic relationship. The power loss generated when different waveforms flow through the device at different conduction angles is different,  20ml headspace vials so the on-resistance of the thyristor can be controlled by controlling the conduction angle to achieve the function of controlling the gas chromatograph circuit.

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Gas chromatograph thyristor control
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