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Characteristics and cleaning methods of laboratory heads for chromatography vials

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  This is an article about Characteristics and cleaning methods of laboratory heads for chromatography vials. If you are interested, please contact us!

The single-use headspace sampler is costly, wasteful, and has serious environmental pollution. Most laboratories reuse the sample vials after cleaning. At present, the main methods used in the laboratory to clean the sample bottles are to add washing powder, detergent, 1.5ml hplc vials organic solvent and acid and alkali lotion, and then brush with a custom small tube. This conventional brushing method has many disadvantages, the detergent and water are used in a large amount, the washing time is long, and it is easy to leave a dead angle. If it is a plastic injection bottle, it is easy to leave a brush mark on the inner bottle wall, which takes up a lot of human resources. For glassware with severe lipid and protein residue contamination, it is important to clean the vial when analyzing samples with LC/MS/MS. The cleaning method is selected according to the degree of contamination according to the glass instrument washing method, and there is no fixed mode. Method summary:

Option One:
1. Drain the test solution in the bottle
2, all immersed in 95% alcohol, ultrasonic washing 2 times, then dry, because the alcohol easily enters the 1.5mL vial, and can be mixed with most organic solvents to achieve 3, pour into the water, ultrasonic wash 2 times.
4. Drain the inner washing solution and bake it at 110 ° C for 1~2 hours. Never bake at high temperature.
5. Cool and save.
Option II:
1, wash the tap water several times
2. Place in a beaker filled with pure water (Millipore water machine) and sonicate for 15 minutes.
3, change the water, then ultrasound for 15 minutes
4. Soak in a beaker of absolute ethanol (Scientific Drug Group, Analytical Pure)
5, finally take out the natural air dry.1.5ml hplc vials

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