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Headspace vials other consumables

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  This is an article about Headspace  vials  other consumables. If you are interested, please contact us!

Headspace vials silanized quartz cotton and glass wool, peek high pressure liquid pipe, peek hand screw standard joint and stainless steel hand tight joint, joint 1/16" stainless steel blade ring and Peek blade ring and sealing ring, stainless steel high pressure liquid pipe , Teflon Teflon tube, SS pre-cut tube, stainless steel two-way three-way four-way, imported peek tube and stainless steel tube cutter, quantitative loop tube for injection valve, gas chromatography liner, graphite gasket, resistant High temperature injection pad, gas chromatograph gas pipe, copper gas pipe, gas circuit nut joint. Price concessions, welcome to contact.

Headspace sample injection needle: gas injection needle, domestic micro-injector, cleaning method of imported micro-injection needle, user of micro-injector in Beijing, micro-injection pump, graphite pad graphite column for column installation Set, 7725i injection valve, headspace sampler, manual injector, liquid sampler, autosampler, Shimadzu analytical instrument autosampler, liquid level flat needle. Headspace vials gas source and gas path purification device, high purity gas generator: gas generation device includes SGD300 gas generator, hydrogen generator, nitrogen generator, air generator, nitrogen-hydrogen air high-purity gas generator. And gas purification pipe, gas purifier.

Headspace gas purification device, gas purifier: renewable water removal pipe (dehydration pipe), renewable deaerator (deoxidation pipe), renewable dehydrogenation pipe (dehydrogenation pipe), renewable hydrocarbon removal pipe (dehydrogenation pipe) ), renewable CO carbon monoxide CO2 carbon dioxide purification pipe, all-purpose carrier gas purification pipe. Hollow cathode lamp, spectrometer element lamp: iron lamp, copper lamp, potassium lamp, sodium lamp, zinc lamp, magnesium lamp, calcium lamp, nickel lamp, gold lamp, silver lamp, lead lamp, tin lamp, indium lamp, molybdenum lamp, titanium Lamp, cobalt lamp, chrome lamp, xenon lamp, lithium lamp, xenon lamp, xenon lamp, cadmium lamp, mercury lamp, xenon lamp, silicon lamp, arsenic lamp, boron lamp, xenon lamp, xenon lamp, xenon lamp, xenon lamp, Selenium lamp. 1000ml/2000ml solvent filter (sample/mobile phase solvent filter), aqueous/organic phase micro-through filter, disposable needle filter, membrane changeable filter. Headspace vials, glass vials, headspace crimp vials, universal vials, manual opener for headspace vials, manual capper and sealing pliers, 2ml sample vials of various sizes - aluminum cover - septum Gasket. Atomic absorption spectrometer, flame photometer for potassium, sodium, lithium salt.

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