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Gas chromatography consumable liner selection requirements

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  This is an article about Gas chromatography consumable liner selection requirements. If you are interested, please contact us!

Gas chromatography consumables are also called gas chromatography consumables, such as inlet seals, inlet liners, gaskets, nozzles, pipelines, joints, etc., and columns, carrier gases, etc. are listed among them. These types of consumables are numerous and their performance greatly affects the operation of the chromatographic system. Liner volume is an important factor in selecting a liner. The activity of the liner is another factor in the selection of the liner Gas chromatography vials factory.
There are various types of liners, such as straight, single-ended, double-ended, baffled liners, etc., depending on the nature of the sample and the type of inlet. The design style and volume of the liner, the sample composition, the thermal expansion volume of the inlet, the heat transfer rate, and the effects of the adsorption effect are all important. These factors together with the injection method determine the diversity of the liner, and the user should select different liners according to their own analytical requirements.

In addition to this, the proper installation of the liner will also affect the chromatographic behavior of the system. The proper installation of the liner refers to the proper placement of the column at the inlet. The column must be properly installed in the inlet, with the end of the column placed in the middle of the conical tube or at a distance of more than 6 mm from the sealing ring. For some samples, the analysis is achieved by mounting the column at different depths Gas chromatography vials factory

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