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Gas chromatograph installation environment requirements

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 This is an article about Gas chromatograph installation environment requirements. If you are interested, please contact us!

1) The ambient temperature should be +5~+35 0C relative humidity <85% Gas chromatograph vials manufacturer.
2) There should be no corrosive gas in the room. There should be no electric furnace and fire within 3m from the instrument and cylinder.

3) There should be no strong magnetic fields and radioactive sources in the room that can affect the normal operation of the amplifier and recorder (or chromatography workstation).

4) The power supply of the power grid should be 220V (the imported instrument must provide the appropriate voltage according to the requirements of the manual). The change of the power supply voltage should be within the range of 5%~10%, and the instantaneous fluctuation of the grid voltage should not exceed 5V. The change in electrical frequency must not exceed 1% of 50 Hz (the imported instrument must provide the appropriate electrical frequency as required by the instructions). When using a voltage regulator, its power must be greater than 1.5 times the power used.

5) The instrument should be placed on a stable and reliable workbench. There should be no strong vibration source and radiation source around. The workbench should have a space of more than 1m.

6) Some gas chromatographs require good grounding, and the grounding resistance must meet the requirements of the specification (US is green is the ground wire, black is the fire wire, white is the zero wire; the British regulations green / yellow is the ground wire, brown is the fire wire, Blue is the zero line).

7) When the gas source uses a gas cylinder, the gas cylinder should not be placed indoors, and it must be protected from direct sunlight and rain Gas chromatograph vials manufacturer when placed outdoors.

This is the end of the introduction of Gas chromatograph installation environment requirements. I hope it can help you.


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